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Smoothies and Frappes - Order Online

Tea Wave - Natural Fruit Smoothies

Mixing Instructions:
16oz Smoothie: Fill cup with Ice add 6oz Teawave, Blend.
Granita: 1liter/33.8oz Teawave add 1.5 liter water and freeze.

Storage and Handling:
Unopened - 12 months after production date in ambient storage environment.
Best under 75 degrees Fahrenheit/ 24 degrees Celsius.
Opened - 3 weeks refrigerated.

geva flavored coffees

Tea Wave Smoothie

Twelve 33.8 ounce containers per case. Five 16 ounce servings per container - mixed.

Starting at $69.00 per Case

Cappuccine Gourmet Blended Beverages

Cappuccine specialty frozen beverage mixes are an integral part of any successful coffeehouse operation. With award-winning flavors, and innovative packaging, we make it easy to help you build a popular and profitable specialty frozen beverage program.

cappuccine frappe powder

Frappe Powder

3 lb bags. Frappe Powder Cost per drink $0.73
Retail Average Price per 16oz: $3.50

Starting at $17.70

frappe powder container

Frappe Plastic Container

Plastic container - $9.00. 2oz scoop - $1.00